Global competition requires a reliable, skillful, data-driven, and interdisciplinary team that thrives with efficiency in urban projects at all scales.

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What motivates us

At BIMmx we are driven by big ideas, projects that seek to transcend positively in the lives of people and their communities.

Our passion: We love data.

Technology has always been the defining factor throughout every era in human history, and now Big Data is here. Let’s bring it into your project.

We focus on Efficiency Data Centralization Automatization
using code

We make sure all data is consistent throughout the different phases of the project;
by working in only one BIM Model and one database, linked with one another through the cloud.
This reduces costs, minimizes risks and improves the communication between all disciplines involved.

Square footage drawn
Items modeled

Your satisfaction is our priority

Behind a great project, there is always a great team involved.

We believe that the quality of a project is found in the harmonized integration of the best specialized professionals of all the participating disciplines. By dedicating ourselves into offering a well orchestrated coordination and the centralization of data using the most recent technology, our goal is that the constructive execution of the project reflects the highest standards and exceeds all expectations.

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No matter the size of your project, we are always eager to build a long term relationship with you and bring the solution you’ve been looking for.

All for one

Project documentation: The drawings, spec book, budget quantification and any other documents needed in the construction phase of the project are provided by us.

Fulfilling goals

We invest in the most useful tools to achieve the deadlines and generate an efficient workflow.

Sharing made easy

Every project we work on has a unique online dashboard that is programmed to show all the specific data you need, whether you are the client, or the consultant.

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We have a new website! We are excited to bring a new face to our company and improve our project dashboards with more tools. Come visit us!

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Productivity in the Building Industry

A recent article by The Economist titled "The construction industry's productivity problem, and how governments can catalyze change" explores the reasoning behind the construction industry's weak productivity during the last two decades. According to The Economist and McKinsey Global Institute February 2017 report, since 1995 no industry has done worse in terms of increasing productivity.

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Revit vs. CAD in Google Trends

We found a very interesting graphic that shows how many times the word “Revit” has appeared in the internet versus the word “AutoCAD” throughout a period of time. You can see a huge change accross time. While in 2004, AutoCAD had doble the references than Revit, today Revit has 6x to 8x more references than […]

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